Two Planes Collide During Taxi At Boston’s Logan Airport

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Alexander Pease Contributor
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Two planes collided Friday afternoon during taxi maneuvers at Boston’s Logan Airport, resulting in minor damages.

A parked Delta Airlines aircraft was struck at a slow rate of speed by a United Airlines aircraft en route to the Boston tarmac, WCVB reported.

A United spokesperson confirmed to the outlet a winglet grazed upon the tail end of the other commercial airplane. (RELATED: ‘Engine Problems’: Commercial Plane En Route To New York Goes Ablaze Mid-Flight)

“Customers on the United aircraft deplaned normally at the gate, and we will rebook them onto other flights,” the statement from United said. United added there were 128 paying flyers on the plane bound for Newark Airport.

Delta, on the other hand, stated its flight was waiting to take off and was bound for Detroit. (RELATED: Detroit Metro Airport Staff Discover 6 Giant African Snails In Traveler’s Suitcase)

The erroneous incident took place in an aircraft parking lot area.

One family aboard the United flight gazed as the incident occurred, with their children immediately whipping out their phones to begin recording, according to the outlet. The family told the outlet they could “feel the planes bumping together,” adding that it was “a little bit scary,” according to the report.

“We were driving through the tarmac and I saw this other plane stationary and we were just driving and it hit the other plane,” Daniel Fredrickson said. “I knew it was going to happen. So I caught it on video.”

After the crash took place, emergency vehicles swarmed the area and prompted delays as first responders attended to the plane crash. (RELATED: Man’s Heart Stops, Face Turns Purple During Middle Of Flight. Two Passengers Rush In To Help And End Up Saving The Day)

Fredrickson continued by noting the United flight stood at a standstill for over an hour before moving again.

No one was reported to be injured.

In March 2023, two United flights made contact with each other at Logan Airport.