Little Bro Leaves Big Bro Heartbroken Over Foul Ball During Red Sox Game, Gets Signed Merchandise From Kenley Jansen

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Seriously … how can you not be romantic about baseball?

We all love viral moments and Sunday’s game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox gave us exactly that via a classic exchange between a dad and his two sons while watching in the stands. It was absolutely tailor-made for Father’s Day.

While father Pat Mulligan and his two children, Jack and Charlie, were enjoying the rivalry game at Fenway Park, a cool fan decided to give the family a foul ball, handing it to the youngest son.

At first, it appeared to be a sweet moment that a father could share with his kids as they were getting an official piece of MLB merchandise. But the moment quickly evaporated, as little Charlie decided to throw the ball back on the field, which sent big brother Jack into a complete frenzy. And it left poor dad in an utter mess, having to deal with both kids at the same time.


Luckily, the Mulligan family didn’t end up empty-handed, as Red Sox pitcher Kenley Jansen heard about what happened.

While the Mulligans were being interviewed in a follow-up interview, Jack revealed that Jansen gave them both a signed ball and jersey for all the (thankfully temporary) sadness. Pat also let it be known that Charlie got so excited about being given a ball, that he couldn’t help but to give it a good throw.

“We’re awfully grateful to everybody for being so nice,” Pat said to NESN.

I hope Jack apologized to little Charlie.

Yeah, he screwed up Jack’s opportunity to get a free (and official) MLB baseball, but if it wasn’t for Charlie, he wouldn’t have ended up with the Kenley Jansen-signed ball and jersey. And by the way … Jack is such a G. I love how he straight up admitted that Jansen is his favorite Red Sox player now because of all the free stuff that he was given. So classic. (RELATED: Jordan Love Wishes Bears ‘Happy Father’s Day’ In Attempted Trash Talk, Accidentally Implies Chicago Is His Daddy)

Yet another magical moment from this beautiful game that we know as baseball.