‘I Think It’s Wrong’: Boxing Champion Ebanie Bridges Slams Transgender Athletes In Women’s Sports

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Get ’em, Ebanie!

Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges, the IBF female bantamweight champion, provided her two cents Tuesday about transgender athletes competing in women’s sports.

During an interview with Bitcoin Casinos, Bridges was questioned about whether she would fight a transgender female (a biological male).

“No, never,” replied Bridges. “I think it’s wrong, especially in boxing. I think in all sport. I just think a lot of women in sports that are breaking records weren’t originally women and in a sport where you are trying to hurt the other person. You’re born (a) man. I don’t care what you say, how many hormones you’re taking, you’re still born (a) man. It’s like saying all of a sudden Mike Tyson wants to be a girl now and he goes and fights you – no way! And how do you measure it? ‘They don’t look really masculine so that’s OK,’ No. I even spar with boys or guys smaller than me and they are ‘hell strong.’”

She also touched on the fact that we almost never see women lining up to compete with men.

“There’s no girls that go, ‘I’m transitioning because I feel like I’m male’ and they go into men’s sport. They don’t do that. It’s only the other way around. And if it was the other way around, for example, in combat sports, unless she’s taking a lot of testosterone and steroids – which is banned – you’re gonna get blasted by men.”

Bridges then said that transgender athletes should have an open category to solve the problem rather than allowing them to compete against women.

“The reality is, biologically, it’s still what they are,” Bridges said. “And it just takes away from the women, from women’s sport.”


It’s crazy to me that this is an actual debate, and has been for years now.

Just think about it … we actually feel the need to have a debate about whether or not men should be allowed to play in women’s sports. Like, to me, that doesn’t even make sense. Heck, even to other transgender people (like Caitlyn Jenner, for example), it doesn’t make any sense. So let me propose this question to the Left: If other trans people have an issue with trans athletes competing against women, why shouldn’t we all? (RELATED: Stephen A. Smith Takes Jab At Prince Harry And Meghan Markle After Leaving Spotify)

“Oh, you’re just a bigot and hate trans people!” Yeah, that’s pretty much all I would get. Believe me, I know.

What a sad time, ladies and gentlemen.