NFL Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus Wrestles Shark In Ocean While On Fishing Trip With Miami Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @DrewJRosenhaus]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Man, I love my Miami guys.

When it comes to being an NFL agent (excuse me, SUPER agent), Drew Rosenhaus is an absolute shark in negotiations, with a hand in over $7 billion worth of contracts. But Tuesday, the shark went face to face with an actual one, with the legend wrestling the beast — and it was all caught on camera for our viewing pleasure.

Things went down during a fishing trip with his client and Miami Dolphins superstar wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

While Rosenhaus was snorkeling in the ocean, a Dusty Shark approached the boat, but instead of swimming away in fear like most people would’ve done, my man swam right toward it. People issued warnings to Drew not to do so, but the epitome of success didn’t care, actually putting his hands on the shark and pulling it towards him.

Heck, the legendary super agent even snapped a photo with the iconic sea creature.


You could hear Tyreek Hill hilariously yelling out “hell nah!” in the background when somebody asked if he wanted to join Drew in the water, and I for one don’t blame the man at all.

And how cool is Drew Rosenhaus, by the way?

You get your start being a Miami guy, having all of these connections to the University of Miami, and then you get mega-rich from being an NFL agent. And all of this eventually leads you to a daily life of ocean snorkeling beside your boat while wrestling sharks. Oh, and hanging out with NFL players on top of all that.. (RELATED: Inter Miami Planning On Lionel Messi Making His Debut July 21)

Definitely the coolest agent in all of sports, and representing the glory of the 305 while at it.