‘iCarly’ Actress Recalls Embarrassing Incident That Occurred While Filming Trampoline Scene

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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In a recent interview, actress Miranda Cosgrove recalled an embarrassing moment she experienced at the age of 13 during the filming of “iCarly.”

“When I was maybe probably 13, I had to jump on a trampoline for one of the web show things. And at the time, I put something in the bra of what I was wearing because I wanted to look like I had bigger boobs,” Cosgrove told People.

She then expressed the humiliation she felt when her bra insert went flying in front of everyone.

“It flew through the air and they yelled, ‘Cut.’ And nobody really knew what happened. I knew, of course,” she said. Cosgrove described the scene as “really embarrassing.”

The famous actress described the moments leading up to the incident.

“I was jumping on the trampoline and one of them flew out. It was a little thing, I don’t even remember what,” she said. “It was a cutlet or some little thing.”

Cosgrove recalled having to go “running around looking for it” while concealing exactly what it was she was looking for. Everyone knew something had gotten loose, and her co-stars began helping her look, but she was too embarrassed to tell them what had happened.

“I found it and I think I stuck it in my pocket or something,” Cosgrove told People. (RELATED: Salma Hayek Has Wardrobe Malfunction While Salsa Dancing)

“And [co-star] Nathan [Kress] at the time kept saying, ‘What was that? What flew through the air? What was that?’ He would not let it go because he just wanted to figure it out, and he didn’t have any idea what it was,” she said. “And I think [co-star] Jennette [McCurdy] knew. I feel like she was like, ‘Oh, God.’ But it was just so embarrassing and I’ll never forget it,” she said.

Leena Nasir