Tables, Chairs, Fists And Boobs Go Flying In What Might Be The Craziest Bar Brawl Ever Caught On Video

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A video of a wild bar fight that erupted at Mi Sueño club in Providence on Sunday has been making its rounds online.

Patrons inside the bar were seen attacking one another with furniture, clothing was yanked, boobs were exposed, and some of the customers were seen grabbing their injured body parts as the fighting continued. Both men and women were hitting and punching one another, and the scene was one of total chaos. A 20-year-old man, Alexander Burgos Cerda, was reportedly involved in the altercation and was arrested for possession of a gun, according to NBC 10 WJAR News.

Providence police reportedly located a gun in Cerda’s fanny pack and charged him for possessing a weapon without a license. He appeared in court Monday, according to the outlet. Police are continuing to investigate the bar fight but have only arrested Cerda at this time.

Local residents have aired their grievances about the noise level in the area, with some saying the restaurant blasts music early on Sunday mornings causing disturbance, according to NBC 10 WJAR News. Some local residents told the outlet the restaurant music is sometimes “so loud they cannot hear their own thoughts or televisions.” (RELATED: Former NFL Star Michael Irvin Finds Himself At The Center Of This Wild Bar Brawl Video)

“Music is blasting like crazy, you get halfway up the street and you hear all this, don’t even turn on your tv in your house because there’s no watching tv,” local resident Nina Massey said. Despite the bar’s reputation of being loud and boisterous, Massey said she had never heard of a bar fight of this magnitude erupting, according to NBC 10 WJAR News.

“It’s just chaos, I don’t remember Broad Street being this chaotic, it’s very disappointing,” Massey said.

The Providence Board of Licenses is scheduled to speak with the owners of the bar Wednesday, according to the outlet.

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