Video Shows New Yorker Chucking Pizza At City Hall To Protest Wood Stove Restrictions

Public/Screenshot/Twitter — User: ScottLoBaido

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A New Yorker who is apparently fed up with the ever-growing list of “woke-ass” policies brought his fight to City Hall on Monday, lobbing pizzas at the white-bricked edifice in protest of a newly announced proposal to crack down on wood stoves.

New York City’s Scott LoBaido channeled the revolutionary spirit of America’s Founding Fathers when he arrived at City Hall carrying an armload of pizza boxes, declaring “Give us pizza or give us death!”

“You heard of the Boston Tea Party? This is the New York Pizza Party!” LoBaido declared, chucking slices of cheese pizza over the gates.

Prior to the one-sided food fight, LoBaido explained the reasons for his trip to City Hall, voicing his lack of confidence in city officials’ leadership and the growing frustration he has with the policies being enacted throughout the Big Apple.

“The woke-ass idiots who run this city are doing everything in their power to destroy it,” LoBaido said before taking aim at Pride month festivities, illegal immigration, rising crime rates and vaccine mandates that saw city workers fired for opting not to take the COVID-19 shot. However, the straw that appears to have broken the camel’s back for LoBaido was Sunday’s announcement that city officials are proposing a crackdown on wood- and coal-fired ovens, taking aim at one of NYC’s most iconic food items: wood-fired pizza. (RELATED: Climate Extremists Are Now Coming For Your Coal, Wood-Fired Pizzas)

In the proposed mandate, city officials are requiring pizzerias that offer wood-fired pies to reduce their carbon emissions by 75%. To meet this requirement, pizza shop owners will reportedly have to hire an engineer or architect to first establish the feasibility of installing an air-filtration system on their ovens. If deemed acceptable, the owners will then allegedly have to shell upwards of $20,000 to have the system installed, not including the maintenance required every few weeks.

“Our city schools produce the dumbest kids and the woke-ass folks who run New York ‘Shitty’ are afraid of pizza?” LoBaido challenged. “The world used to respect New Yorkers as tough, thick-skinned and gritty. Now we have become ‘pussified.’ It’s a damn shame.”

LoBaido revealed on Twitter that the police posted around City Hall were “great,” telling users his “New York Pizza Party” resulted in him receiving a summons. “All good,” he declared.