Margot Robbie Hilariously Stumbles On What ‘Barbie’ Means During Live Show


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Actress Margot Robbie drew a blank and suffered an epic fail during her appearance on Australia’s “The Project” while promoting her new movie “Barbie.”

Co-host Sam Taunton interviewed Robbie alongside film director Greta Gerwig. He turned his attention to Gerwig as he made a comment that evolved into a hilarious fumble. Barbie “means so much to so many people. I’m not sure if Margot told you but the word barbie means something else in Australia,” he said to Greta. Robbie looked stunned and utterly confused before she completely messed up. “What does it mean here?” Robbie asked.

Robbie looked absolutely perplexed by the question and had her hands up in simple protest while her eyebrows furrowed. It appeared she was racking her brain in an effort to identify the reference to the word “Barbie” in Australian, and it just wasn’t clicking.

The others on the show exchanged looks and burst out laughing at her inability to break down the Australian meaning of the word.

Taunton gave Robbie the answer while looking dismayed that he had to break it down for the star.

“Like … a barbeque,” he said.

Robbie looked mortified as she rolled her eyes.

Someone on the panel could be heard saying, “I think we lost her,” as they laughed hysterically at Robbie’s epic fail.

Gerwig lovingly put her hand on top of Robbie’s hands as the star of her film began to show signs of embarrassment from her blunder.

“I’m so Barbie now… I can’t even..” Robbie said through her laughter. (RELATED: ‘Turns Into An Orgy’: Margot Robbie Details ‘Crazy, Wild Party’ Scene In Upcoming Movie ‘Babylon’)

“A barbie… yeah.. having a barbie…” Robbie said as she embraced the meaning of the word.

“It’s what we call, like a barbeque, so you weren’t aware of that?” Taunton said.

Robbie burst out into laughter before she quipped, “I’m blaming the jet lag, by the way. Don’t blame the blonde hair, blame the jet lag.”