‘My 401k Misses You’: Black Woman Pumped To Meet Donald Trump In Philadelphia


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Former President Donald Trump encountered an unexpected fan during a visit to Philadelphia on Friday.

The Republican presidential candidate was in Philadelphia to attend the Moms for Liberty summit. While in town, he made a stop at Pat’s King of Steaks, a famous cheesesteak restaurant.

Trump was met with a swarm of fans during his visit to the popular establishment. He took time to speak with some of his supporters, take pictures, and shake their hands.

A black woman, visibly excited to see him, posed next to him for a photo. After the photo, she turned around to Trump and said her economic situation was better when he was president. (RELATED: ‘There Better Be Some Consequences’: Trump Attorney Says DOJ Leaked Classified Doc Tape To CNN)

“My 401k misses you!” the woman shouted in a video shared across social media.

Trump spoke at the Moms for Liberty summit and praised the grassroots parents rights organization while dismissing its critics.

During the event, he said he would ban transgender sex-change procedures for minors, ban public school teacher tenure and dismantle diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across government entities.

“You’re not a threat to America, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to America,” Trump said, “Joe Biden and the Democrats are the threat to America. And together, we’re going to throw them out of office on Election Day 2024.”