‘Last Time I Sucked Something That Tiny It Got Stuck Between My Front Teeth’: JK Rowling Tells Off Hater

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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JK Rowling responded to an internet troll by slamming his penis size in a ruthless tweet Friday.

The situation began when Rowling posted a message to Twitter, congratulating Maya Forstater on a judgement she won Friday against her former employer. Forstater lost her job in 2019 after expressing her tweeting that “men cannot change into women.” Rowling’s subsequent defense of Forstater made her a prominent target for transgender rights activists.

Twitter user @joshuaddsilva lashed out at Rowling in response to her Friday tweet, sharing a meme with the text, “Suck my dick, bitch.”

Josh has fewer than 600 followers at press time, while Rowling has more than 14 million. Nevertheless, Rowling decided to respond to Josh’s message in an unconventional way.

“Going to have to pass,@joshuaddsilva. Last time I sucked something that tiny it got stuck between my front teeth. #irritating,” Rowling wrote.

The internet immediately exploded with support and praise for Rowling’s troll-slaying skills.

“OMG JK….my my my my…..That made me fall off my chair with laughter…literally! Oh, my JK…I stop cursing, and you start in with hilarity! Love it!” one user wrote.

“Holy shit, J.K., I’m buying every book you made now,” said another.

Josh wasn’t quite finished trying to get under Rowling’s skin, though. He followed up his tweet with another message.

“Sorry this was a little crass, but if you tone down your transphobia and bigotry I’m sure you’ll be a bit less #irritated,” he posted.

Rowling ignored the riposte, but the rest of the internet turned on him pretty quickly. (RELATED: ‘There Is Something Dangerous About This Movement’: JK Rowling Pushes Back Against Pro-Trans Activists) 

“It wasn’t ‘a little crass’, Josh. It was rape-y. It was the abusive, violent language of a man telling a woman to shut up and get on her knees. That’s who you are, Josh. A rapey, abusive man. You showed it to the world,” a Twitter user wrote.

“She’s not transphobic, she’s smalldickphobic,” another posted.

Josh seems to have had enough for now, though his account is still public as of press time.