Woman Reportedly Disinvites Conservative Uncle From Wedding, Then Complains When He Doesn’t Give Her Money

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Everyone has an Uncle Dave — but would you be bold enough to expect payment for his lack of presence?

A woman’s conservative uncle was allegedly still expected to gift her money despite being uninvited from her wedding.

The brazen bride’s mother wrote to the “Ask Amy” column of the Chicago Tribune after experiencing the consequences of acting as her daughter’s mouthpiece.

The apparently politically progressive bride told her mother that her uncle, known to the daughter as “Uncle Dave,” caused her to “feel unsafe.” She requested her mother not invite Uncle Dave due to their political differences.

The mother explained she thought her daughter and Uncle Dave “always had a good relationship” despite his support of “candidates we all abhor.” Uncle Dave was describe to have “always been very nice,” and the mother was surprised by the sudden animus toward him. She, however, ultimately honored her daughter’s request. (RELATED: ‘This Is a Very Dangerous Moment’: Newsmax CEO Lamente DirecTV’s ‘Discrimination’ Against Network)

A “nice note” was reportedly written to Uncle Dave by the mother, making the bride’s discomfort known. He was informed he was not welcome at the wedding due to this.

Uncle Dave did not reply to the letter from his sister.

Cards and photographs from the wedding were reportedly sent to Uncle Dave after the event, but the mother has yet to hear back from her brother.

Uncle Dave was also scorned for apparently not sending money to the newlyweds despite his lack of an invitation.

The mother said she was upset and embarrassed by her brother’s behavior, but her husband and other siblings did not agree with the angry Philadelphian.

Writing back to the bride’s mother, Amy recapped the situation. She explained her daughter was entitled to make her own guest list, but refused to endorse the family’s frustrated reaction to the results of doing so.

“In short: Brides who are too afraid of family members to invite them to a family wedding don’t then get the pleasure of receiving their money,” the columnist responded.

She told the mother she seemed “almost as afraid of your daughter as she is of your brother.”

Amy said silent Uncle Dave was the only party acting appropriately in the conflict by remaining remote as requested.