Bill Maher Calls Out Ice Сube For ‘F*ck The Police’ Lyrics

[Screenshot Youtube Club Random]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian and podcast host Bill Maher called out legendary rapper Ice Cube for his lyrics encouraging people to disrespect the police.

The duo were discussing stardom on the latest episode of Club Random, with Ice Cube arguing that people make money off divisiveness. Ice Cube then pointed to the rap industry and argued the same people who own rap labels also own private prisons.

“It seems really suspicious if you want to say that word, that the records that come out are really geared to push people toward their prison industry,” Ice Cube said.

“They didn’t make you write those lyrics,” Maher said. (RELATED: ‘Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The A**’: Bill Maher Doesnt’ Give A Single Iota About Losing Woke Fans)

Ice Cube then argued that some record committees will create a structure that artists have to follow to push a narrative, adding they have financial interests.

“If they have financial interests in prison, and your theory, if I’m following correctly, its that the stuff in rap lyrics works as a funnel to get people inspired to do the kind of things that would get them in prison,” Maher said. “For example, writing a lyric ‘fuck the police’ –”

“Yes, writing the lyrics ‘fuck the police.'”

“–might get somebody arrested and sent to prison,” Maher continued.

“That might get somebody arrested and sent to prison,” Ice Cube said. “That’s just one example, one record that the record company did not manipulate. That’s pure artistry. I’ve seen labels, I’ve worked with artists–”

“Did they manipulate you?” Maher said.

“No, I’m an independent artist.”

Ice Cube went on to say that he refused to let executives tell him how to make a record and that he operated independently.