Dem Sen. Chris Murphy Says ‘We Cannot Avoid’ The Biological ‘Differences’ Between Men And Women

(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

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Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy seemingly broke with party orthodoxy on Sunday when he acknowledged that men and women are different.

Murphy announced on Twitter that he had just finished reading Richard Reeves’ 2022 book “Of Boys And Men,” in which the author details the struggles modern-day males are facing. Having read the book, the senator concluded that “the left is missing the crisis happening w[ith] men today” and that “biological/evolutionary differences between men and women” cannot be avoided.

“It’s not ‘toxic masculinity’ that causes men to commit 90% of murders, for instance. Both biology and thousand of years of culture have wired men differently. Policy has to acknowledge that,” he tweeted. Murphy also noted that he reached similar conclusions in his own 2020 book, “The Violence Inside Us: A Brief History of an Ongoing American Tragedy.”

According to Murphy, he and Reeves agree that modern men are facing an “identity-crisis” after losing their traditional role as the primary earners for their families. While Murphy rejected the idea of going “back to the 1950s,” he also called out liberals who urge men to simply “get over it.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Launches New Series – ‘American Men Are In Crisis’)

Murphy went on to outline some of the policy proposals Reeves offered in his book, including “hands on instruction for boys, who learn differently. More rights (and expectations) for non-married fathers. More paths (and less shaming) of men who go into teaching, health care, and social work.” (RELATED: The Left’s War On Masculinity Is Destroying Western Civilization)

The second-term Connecticut Democrat ended his Twitter thread by referring to another recent book on masculinity — Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley’s “Manhood.”

“[T]he bottom line for progressives is that our reaction to the Hawley book can’t be to think men and masculinity is just something the right talks about,” he wrote. “There is something profound happening with American men and the left should address it with more responsible solutions.”