Woah! Mets Fan Crashes Onto Field After Scary Fall (And It’s The Perfect Representation Of New York’s Horrible Season)

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What a catastrophe this season has been for the Mets.

And it was made even worse (symbolically) as one New York Mets fan completely crashed on the track of Citi Field after falling from the stands Sunday night.

During ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcast between the Mets and San Francisco Giants, things went sideways after a fan slammed onto the field in the bottom of the fifth inning. Originally, Citi Field security ran over to the man thinking he was a fan trying to create problems, but the man (sporting a nice fedora, by the way) held up his hands to let them know that he wasn’t a threat.

Appearing to fall from the center field stands accidentally, the Mets fan was seen with a rag and bloody nose. Eventually, the fan went back to the stands after security determined that he wasn’t a threat after all.


Holy crap, what a trainwreck season it’s been for the Mets.

If you remember in the offseason, I was praising Steven Cohen for his big balla spending ways in an attempt to make New York a championship team. I always love seeing owners going all out to win, I love the sexy contracts, so I was all for it and had a ball covering it.

But what did I say was going to happen when the season started?

It’s war, baby. Or at least I thought.

As an Atlanta Braves/Miami Marlins fan, it’s been a glorious baseball season for me with both my teams carrying the No. 1 and No. 2 spots in the NL East. But also as a Braves/Marlins fan, I have plenty of reasons to hate the Mets. So to see New York spend nearly a billion dollars in the offseason just to end up 38-46 and fourth place in the NL East in July … you better believe I’m loving it. (RELATED: The Plot Thickens! Tyler Herro Makes Cryptic Twitter Moves, Adding Speculation That Damian Lillard Is Headed To Miami)

And now you have this Mets fan with this comical nonsense?

“When it rains, it pours” comes to mind.

I’m glad the guy is okay, but I couldn’t love the embarrassment of the New York Mets more than what I already do.