Bud Light Slammed Over New Ad Starring Travis Kelce


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Bud Light released a new commercial Sunday starring NFL superstar Travis Kelce amid declining sales, and critics aren’t holding back.

The commercial, titled, “Backyard Grunts with Travis Kelce,” shows the Kansas City Chiefs Tight End sitting down on a lawn chair and grunting in relief. Subsequent scenes cut to other men grunting as they sit down in apparent relaxation and crack open a Bud Light.

The short ad seems to be Bud Light’s latest attempt to mend fences with culturally conservative consumers amid the ongoing boycott against the brand. In April, Bud Light sent a personalized can to transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The decision to partner with Mulvaney immediately ignited a boycott from conservatives and tanked the brand’s sales. (RELATED TO: Beer Industry Insider Has Some Bad News For Bud Light As Boycott Takes Its Toll)

Youtube comments indicate the new commercial has not helped ease relations between Anheuser-Busch and certain consumers.

“So you went from a man pretending to be a little girl to now showing manly grunting people …to swing it the other way? You gotta lock your marketing team in a room with rabid dogs and toss the key,” opined one commenter.

“Man Bud Light is going for the death blow at this point,” one commenter wrote, “This is what they think of their client base, stupid grunting cavemen.”

“Hey look! ‘Fratty’ and ‘out of touch’ is back in style at Bud Light,” another commenter said, according to the outlet.

“I don’t understand how this appeals to Bud Light’s target market, transgender youth,” another commenter chided.

“The grunting is when you accidentally picked up a bud light and realize you have to get something else…well done AB. Never forget!!!” another commenter said.

Bud Light sales fell 27.9% in the week ending on June 24, according to New York Post. The brand recently lost its position as the top selling beer to rival Modelo.