Terrifying Video Shows Roller Coaster Passengers Hanging Upside-Down After Ride Abruptly Stops

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: ABC 7 Chicago

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Passengers on a roller coaster were stuck upside-down for at least three hours after the ride abruptly stopped Sunday afternoon, according to video and reports.

Footage captured by a witness shows people suspended in the air at the Forest County Festival in Crandon, Wisconsin, according to WAOW News 9. The “Fireball” roller coaster trapped fairgoers upside-down after a “mechanical failure” that caused the ride to pause and become stuck, Crandon Fire Department Capt. Brennan Cook told ABC 7 Chicago.

“The ride was recently inspected by the State of Wisconsin here on-site,” Cook added.

The Antigo Fire Department arrived on-scene with a ladder because firefighters from the Crandon Fire Department allegedly did not have the right equipment to rescue those stranded. (RELATED: Subcontractor Falls To His Death While Fixing Jersey Shore Amusement Park Ride)

“Crandon did not have a ladder at all, so that’s why they needed our ladder to assist with that,” Antigo Fire Lieutenant Adam Finn said, according to the outlet.

One witness, Scott Brass, told WAOW the community should help the Crandon Fire Department acquire more equipment in light of the reported festival incident. “If our department had that kind of truck, we could have had that down an hour beforehand, but I know things are expensive,” Brass said, according to the outlet. “But it’s needed not just for days like today, but for fires in big buildings, what are you going to do.”

All passengers were removed from the ride safely, WAOW reported. Specifics about their condition remains unknown.

Another roller coaster also allegedly experienced trouble during the July 4 holiday weekend. The Fury 325 rollercoaster at Carowinds in North Carolina was temporarily closed after someone pointed out a crack at the top of a steel pillar. Video of the potential hazard was posted online, showcasing the ride’s apparent instability. Authorities are conducting necessary inspections and maintenance.