Olivia Dunne Reveals Insane Income From Endorsement Deals


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The highest paid NCAA female athlete, Olivia Dunne, revealed the insane amount of money she earns from paid social media advertisements.

The 20-year-old athlete is making an abundance of cash by simply promoting and making mention of featured brands. “I usually don’t ever talk about money,” Dunne said in a recent interview on the “Full Send” podcast. “I would say it’s… six figures,” she said. She then admitted that she routinely earns well over $500,000. “Yeah, I’m very fortunate I mean, it’s just crazy to me,” she told the cast of the Fullsend Podcast.

The 20-year-old gymnast has a lot of fans tuning in to her promotional content, which drives her earnings even higher. She currently has 7.6 million followers on TikTok and 4.2 million on Instagram.

She appeared very uncomfortable with sharing her financial details on-air, and tried to be low-key about her healthy income.

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“Well really for me what I love with certain brands is getting long term brand deals,” Dunn said.

“Those are probably the best because you build a relationship with the brand,” she said on the podcast.

She insisted that she “doesn’t just sell anything to my audience” and made it clear she only takes on sponsored content when it “feels right with me.” (RELATED: Fans Slam Lady Gaga For Endorsing Pfizer’s Migraine Drug)

“I would hope that I could make a lot of money with NIL,” Dunne said.

“I didn’t know when I started growing my social media that this rule was ever going to change. I started growing my social media just because I like to do it, ever since I was 10 years old,” she said.