Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Buried Nursing Student Alive

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John Oyewale Contributor
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An Australian man allegedly buried his ex-girlfriend alive in an act of revenge, according to The Guardian.

Tarikjot Singh, 22, from Adelaide, pleaded guilty in February to the murder of 21-year-old nursing student Jasmeen Kaur, according to The Guardian. Sentencing submissions before South Australia’s supreme court Wednesday revealed the details of his crime.

Singh allegedly kidnapped Kaur from her workplace on March 5, 2021 and drove more than 400 miles with Kaur bound with cable ties in the boot of a car Singh had borrowed from his flatmate, according to

Singh then allegedly made cuts to Jasmeen’s throat and allegedly buried her in a shallow grave. The injuries to her neck were not deep enough to kill her and she was reportedly aware of her surroundings when she died at some point on March 6, 2021, according to the outlet.

Officers allegedly found Kaur’s body with her hands bound behind her back with a cable tie and her feet taped and tied together in a shallow grave at Moralana Creek, the Guardian noted. (RELATED: Off-Duty Cop Who Allegedly Shot Ex-Girlfriend, Killed Ex’s New Lover Charged With Murder)

“She had to have been consciously suffering what could only be described as the absolute terror of breathing in and swallowing soil and dying in that way,” Prosecutor Carmen Matteo, said, according to Matteo also stated the killing “was committed as an act of vengeance or as an act of revenge” and that “The way in which Ms Kaur was killed involved, really, an uncommon level of cruelty.”

One of the several text messages that Singh wrote to Kaur in the buildup to the killing but did not send read, “Your bad luck that I am still alive, cheap, wait and watch, will get the answer, each and every single one will get the answer,” according to the outlet.

Kaur had reported Singh to the police for stalking one month before her alleged murder, noted. Singh had initially denied killing Kaur, claiming instead Kaur had killed herself and he had buried the body.

Footage reportedly showed Singh buying gloves, a shovel and cable ties before the alleged murder, 9News reported. Kaur’s shoes and name badge were later found discarded in a bin.