Bodycam Footage Appears To Show Police Officer Fatally Shooting Family’s Labrador Mix

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A family’s dog was shot dead by a police officer in Ohio, according to multiple reports.

Bodycam footage appears to show a Lorain Police Department officer shooting the Labrador mix on Sunday afternoon, according to The Chronicle.

Officer Elliot Palmer was wearing a body camera when the apparent shooting took place. The Lorain Police Department released the video July 5.

“We know the public wants to know more about what happened, which is why we’re moving quickly to gather the facts,” Acting Police Chief Capt. Michael Failing said in a statement. “We will provide the information as soon as we know more.”

The 5-minute footage is silent until Palmer appears to shoot the dog.

Three dogs were visible in the video. A woman tried to hold two of the dogs back by their tails, but one escaped her grasp as Palmer approached the scene. (RELATED: Man Allegedly Kills Off-Duty Bus Driver And Two Dogs In Deadly Carjacking Spree)

One of the dogs, named Dixie, ran toward Palmer as the officer backed away. The animal then curved away from the cop toward the street where she was shot in the middle of the road.

After being shot, Dixie dragged herself to the end of a neighbor’s driveway.

Tammie Kerns, the owner of the dog, immediately complained to Palmer that he shot her dog. Kern’s daughter, Mellenie Kerns, appeared to be holding Dixie and another dog back when the officer arrived.

“You stupid fuck. Why did you do it? I’m suing you,” Tammie Kerns said.

“OK, your dog charged at me,” Palmer responded.

Officers are permitted to shoot a dog when the animal is unleashed or perceived to be a threat, according to the Animal League Defense Fund.

Two people comforted the dying dog as Palmer spoke to another police officer. He is then seen leaving the scene.

“The dog was wagging his tail coming to him,” Kimberly Goddard, daughter of animal activist Dick Goddard, said. “Justice will be served for this dog. We are not playing and are not afraid of anybody.”

A petition titled “Justice For Dixie” calls for Palmer’s removal from the police force. It has more than 10,000 signatures as of Thursday night.