‘Mountain Of Contradiction’: Jonathan Turley Lays Out Major Problems With Prosecutor Who Charged Hunter Biden

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley on Friday laid out the problems with the claims from prosecutor David Weiss, who has said he was not held back from prosecuting Hunter Biden.

Weiss oversaw the federal investigation into Hunter that ended with a plea deal for the president’s son June 20. Since then, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblower Gary Shapley has come forward with allegations that Weiss did not have full control over the investigation, an assertion Weiss later denied in a letter sent to House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan. Shapley alleged Attorney General Merrick Garland and IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel lied to Congress about the Hunter Biden probe.

“So, I just want to remind viewers from a week ago, Weiss, the prosecutor out of Delaware, sent a letter to Jim Jordan, and he seemed to outline his defense in four different parts. You have seen that letter. Do you have questions about the letter or do they satisfy you? And then I’ll ask you specifically about it, too,” host Bill Hemmer asked. (RELATED: ‘Working Harder Than An Ugly Stripper’: Kennedy Says Establishment DC Is Involved In Massive Cover Up)

“No, there is nothing to be satisfied with because there’s no answers in the letter. That is, what Weiss is saying is, ‘I was given this authority,’ but doesn’t deal with the specific allegations of these whistleblowers. We have numerous witnesses, and other witnesses who are named in these accounts, who were present at a meeting where Weiss allegedly said that he was not the final decision maker, that he had tried to become a special counsel and was denied, and they were also told that the charges were attempted in California and D.C., but rebuffed by those U.S. Attorneys,” Turley said.

“That’s in direct and irreconcilable conflict with what has been said by Attorney General Garland. What Weiss is saying is, ‘I was given this authority,’ and so he’s got to answer to these discrepancies. But the problem that Weiss has is that the case itself is just a glaring mountain of contradiction,” he continued. “I mean, the Justice Department seemed to let the statute of limitations run. Some of us wrote columns before that date and said, ‘Why are you doing this? The statute’s about to run.’ These whistleblowers are saying that it did appear to be intentional, that there was an agreement that more serious charges could be brought against Hunter and those were scuttled.”

The New York Times also confirmed the accuracy of Shapley’s testimony that Weiss was blocked from bringing charges against Hunter in California. The Times independently confirmed that Weiss’ request for California prosecutors to pursue charges against Biden was denied. Shapley also told Congress there are six additional witnesses whom Weiss reportedly told in 2022 that he was unable to prosecute Hunter outside of Delaware because he was denied special counsel status.