Jamie Foxx Locates And Returns Lost Purse To A Stranger


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Video footage shows Jamie Foxx returning a lost purse Tuesday to a woman on a pedicab in downtown Chicago.

Foxx appeared healthy and vibrant in the footage posted by TMZ. The video showed the star exiting from a black vehicle driven by a female and passing a purse to a very grateful and equally stunned woman. He swiftly pulled up next to the pedicab, leaned out of his vehicle and passed the purse to the very excited, completely star-struck woman.

The woman, and a number of people that were sitting near her, immediately praised Foxx and thanked him profusely for returning the purse and all its contents. Shouts of “Thank you, Jamie. Thank you, Jamie” could be heard as the person holding the video camera fumbled the device and lost sight of the star, who swiftly drove away.

Foxx didn’t stick around for photos or appreciation. He simply returned the items out of the goodness of his heart and went along his way, presumably back to the original plans he had for the day.

It’s unclear where he found the purse, or how he tracked the lady down on the pedicab — but he pulled off the good deed, and she was eternally grateful. (RELATED: Mike Tyson’s Slip-Up Suggests Jamie Foxx Had A Stroke)

The man who posted the video to the internet said his mom lost her handbag but didn’t provide additional insight as to where it may have been left behind, according to TMZ.

This is the second sighting of Foxx in recent days after he suffered a medical setback in April.

The star’s family described his condition as being quite urgent and dire at the time but didn’t reveal the exact cause of his illness or medical condition. Foxx spent some time in rehab and has recently been spotted swinging away at Topgolf and strolling through Chi town, according to TMZ.