‘Rises To Level Of Impeachment’: McCarthy Warns Garland Could Be On Chopping Block

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday on Fox Business that impeachment is not off the table for Attorney General Merrick Garland after a whistleblower alleged he interfered in an investigation into Hunter Biden.

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley alleged that U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who oversaw the federal investigation into Hunter that ended with a plea deal for the president’s son, was not in full control of the investigation. Weiss denied the allegations, but The New York Times also confirmed the accuracy of Shapley’s testimony that Weiss was blocked from bringing charges against Hunter in California. The Times independently confirmed that Weiss’ request for California prosecutors to pursue charges against Biden was denied. Shapley also told Congress there are six additional witnesses whom Weiss reportedly told in 2022 that he was unable to prosecute Hunter outside of Delaware because he was denied special counsel status.

Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo noted McCarthy recently raised the possibility of impeachment, arguing the situation must be “serious” for McCarthy to even suggest it.

“This has to be serious for you to raise this, because I know you’ve said it umpteen times, you’re not going to come in willy-nilly and just try to throw impeachment around. What are you most concerned about?” (RELATED: ‘That Just Raises More Issues’: McCarthy Reacts To Letter From David Weiss On Hunter Biden Probe)


“Well, there’s a reason why I won’t do that because I watched what it did to our country. I watched what Adam Schiff, when he politicized something, when he — wouldn’t go through due process. I raised the question about the impeachment inquiry. And the reason I raised that question is based upon what the IRS whistleblower has told us. He said that David Weiss, in a meeting of six people said he got denied to have a special counsel. He was denied to prosecute,” McCarthy said. “Why did Hunter Biden — why did they wait six years so the Statute of Limitations on one of the most serious elements of Hunter Biden where he doesn’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes to go to the side? Why do they move indictments faster on other people?”

“Well, based upon that meeting, and based upon what Garland has told us, someone is lying. And in doing so I raised the question: we have to know who in this process is lying? And if it is found that, that Attorney General Garland is lying, that rises to the level of an impeachment inquiry. And that would be a different investigation. And that would be based upon the facts of what we know,” he continued.

Weiss has denied that he ever sought additional legal authority to charge Hunter in both California and Washington, D.C.