LOL! Disney’s Collapse Is Escalating To Where They’re Now Open To Selling Portions Of ESPN, ABC And Other TV Networks

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Oh, how sweet it is!

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, says the Mickey Mouse giant is now open to selling portions of their television networks.

Recently signing an extension with the company through 2026, Iger says they would consider selling portions (or spinning off) ESPN, ABC, National Geographic, FX and Freeform to combat their current decline.

“Transformative work is dealing with businesses that are no growth businesses and what to do about them, and particularly the linear business, which we are expansive in our thinking about,” Iger said to CNBC in an interview Thursday. “[Disney’s television properties] may not be core to the company.”

“And we’re going to look expansively about opportunities there because clearly, it’s a business that is going to continue to struggle.”

The talk around Wall Street is that Disney‘s empire of TV networks is hindering their market cap. With ownership of TV networks being considered dead weight by financial experts, this is why Netflix — for example — has a bigger cap than Disney despite the DeSantis enemy being much more diverse.


Oh, man. This is fantastic.

Now I understand that Disney is looking for a partner. They’re not looking to sell the whole ship, I get that. But this is potentially the beginning of Mickey & Co. eventually selling off ESPN, which has been a dream of mine for years now.

ESPN used to be such a cool network before Disney outright ruined it. Sad. (RELATED: LMAO! This Announcer Who Sounds Like Mickey Mouse Will Have You Absolutely Dying Laughing (I Was In Literal Tears!)

So as far as I’m concerned, SELL IT!