Kayleigh McEnany Lays Out Exactly Who She Thinks Cocaine Belongs To … And It’s Not Hunter

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former White House press secretary and Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany laid out Thursday who she thinks the cocaine found at the White House belongs to, seemingly ruling out Hunter Biden.

The Secret Service concluded its investigation into the cocaine found at the White House, unable to find a suspect. The bag of cocaine was reportedly discovered on July 2 in the West Wing cubby near the Situation Room.

Speculation has swirled as to who the bag could belong to, with some pointing fingers at Hunter, who has had a long, public battle with addiction.

McEnany, who served in the Trump administration, said Secret Service likely would have had a hard time narrowing down the culprit due to lack of cameras in the West Wing and the “hundreds of people” who likely filtered in and out of the area over several days. She then noted the ever-changing story provided by officials as to the exact location where the substance was found. (RELATED: KJP Says Speculating White House Cocaine Belongs To Biden’s Is ‘Irresponsible’)

“First, it’s the library of the residence. Then there were some reporting it’s the formal West Wing lobby. Nope, that was dismissed quickly. Then it’s in the cubbies as you walk in the West executive entrance. And then all of a sudden there was this NBC report, oh it’s closer to the Situation Room. That was highly alarming because that would suggest a staff member,” McEnany said.

“Now, as it turns out, I think that came about because reporters were looking at the map and the Situation Room looks close to the entrance. But it’s not, the entrance is not. However, on a map it does look that way.”

“But if I’m Karine Jean-Pierre and there’s all this wild reporting, I would have gone to Secret Service because as Marie knows, half of your job as a spokesperson is to be an investigator, to go get the facts. I would have gone to Secret Service saying, ‘There’s wild speculation in the press. Tell me where you found this so I can take this to the White House podium.'”

McEnany then opined on who could potentially be responsible for the cocaine.

“The cubbyholes, I would say two groups of people use those cubbyholes: NSC staff (National Security Council) or staffers walking from EOB (Eisenhower Office Building), younger folks coming in. They don’t have offices in the West Wing. They use the cubbyholes because they’re about to walk into a SCIF or a guest of a staff member. You could call it a tourist, but it would be a close relative or a friend,” she speculated. “Those are the two groups I would suggest it is.”

McEnany said as for the Hunter speculation, she found it odd Jean-Pierre and Biden did not forcefully come out and deny any accusation the substance belonged to the president’s son.

“I would have gone to Trump and said, ‘They’re saying this is your family member.’ He would have said, ‘Absolutely not.’ I would have gone to the podium and said, ‘I have zero reason to believe this is anyone in the president’s family.’ Why she didn’t do that? I do not know.”