‘Moron’: Megyn Kelly Points To Moment Swalwell Made Himself Look ‘So Dumb’

[Screenshot Youtube The Megyn Kelly Show]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Podcast host Megyn Kelly pointed out the exact moment in California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell’s Wednesday testimony that made him look “so dumb.”

Swalwell questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday, using most of his allotted time to ask Wray about the agency’s “family day” before arguing his Republican colleagues were too focused on a laptop and illegal FISA applications.

Swalwell also said Republicans were upset over the laptop because it had “nonconsensual nudes,” referencing Hunter Biden’s racy pictures.

Guest Joe Pags said Swalwell was trying to “divert attention to nudes” to distract the American public from items on the laptop potentially implicating President Joe Biden in what he compared to organized crime. (RELATED: FBI Director Admits Bureau Colludes With Businesses To Collect Info On Innocent Americans)

“He doesn’t get me that worked up because he is so dumb and so not worth spending time on but this one’s just like, I love every single word of that is a lie. You know, Hunter Biden was interesting not because he’s a private citizen but because he’s the president’s son, the vice-president’s son … thats why the whole thing was interesting and newsworthy and they were not nonconsensual, by the way, there were nudes on there, they were not nonconsensual. It was Hunter Biden taking the nudes of himself, how is that nonconsensual?”

Kelly said she could not imagine waking up in the morning as Swalwell and deciding to “say something so extremely stupid” during the hearing.