REPORT: Man Behind 2015 ‘The Dress’ Meme Charged With Trying To Kill Wife

FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

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Police have charged the man behind the viral 2015 “dress” meme with attempting to kill his wife, the New York Post reports.

Keir Johnston of Scotland is accused of committing domestic violence against his wife, Grace Johnston, over an 11-year period, the outlet reported Friday. In one reported instance, Johnston allegedly pinned his wife to the floor and attempted to choke her. (RELATED: REPORT: Bam Margera Arrested For Domestic Violence)

Keir Johnston was summoned to the High Court in Glasgow on Monday over the attempted murder charges, according to the New York Post. He reportedly denied to the court that he ever allegedly physically assaulted or attempted to murder his wife.

Johnston is also accused of pushing his wife into a wall and shouting at her, the New York Post reported. He also allegedly assaulted his wife through the open window of the vehicle she was in.

Johnston allegedly kept his wife from being able to contact her friends and family, and closely scrutinized her personal finances, according to the outlet.

The couple entered the international spotlight in 2015 after a friend posted a picture of the dress Grace’s mother, Johnston’s mother-in-law, wore to her wedding. Social media users were split over whether the dress was colored blue and black or white and gold. The picture eventually became a meme known as “The dress” or “The dress that broke the internet.”