Baltimore Orioles Unveil Their New ‘Purple Nurple’ Home Run Celebration And It’s Outright Hilarious

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In terms of celebrations … Baltimore Orioles … team of the year, right?

The Baltimore Orioles are on absolute fire right now, winning eight straight games after sweeping the Miami Marlins over the weekend. But winning on the field isn’t the only glory that the O’s are swimming in.

During Saturday night’s game between the Orioles and Marlins (that saw Baltimore get the 6-5 win), Gunnar Henderson hit a huge home run in the bottom of the seventh inning that tied the game, and then when he got back to the dugout, it saw the O’s debut a new home run celebration (also courtesy of Colton Cowser) — and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Remember back in eighth grade when you were hanging out with your boys at lunch and you guys were joking around with each other, and then all of a sudden you got slammed with a painful purple nurple out of nowhere?

That’s the new celebration from the Baltimore Orioles. No, I’m not kidding.


Holy cow, man.

Not only are the Baltimore Orioles elite this season sitting at 57-35 and 2nd in the AL East with a chance to win the World Series, they also might be the team of the year when it comes to celebration. And from what I’ve seen throughout the campaign, that’s exactly who I’m picking.

I’m proud of the Orioles. My dad is a big fan of Baltimore, I’m originally from the DMV [D.C., Maryland, Virginia], so I’ve been enjoying their success this year, and also been having fun writing about these fantastic celebrations.

Remember the dong bong?

And the sprinkler celebration?

Now the purple nurple. (RELATED: The Decision Is In! DeAndre Hopkins Reportedly Signing With Tennessee Titans)

So much glory in Baltimore right now. Shoutout to the DMV, baby!