‘A Thing Called Evidence’: Jordan, Comer Discuss New Witness Who Backs Whistleblowers

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House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan and House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer stopped by “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday to discuss an update to their investigation into President Joe Biden.

Host Laura Ingraham said that a former FBI agent has confirmed several key portions of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblower’s testimony that both secret service headquarters and the Biden transition team were tipped off about a Hunter Biden interview. (RELATED TO: Sen. Grassley, Rep. Comer Demand FBI Record Alleging ‘Criminal Scheme’ Involving Then-VP Biden)

“This confirmed key components of what the IRS whistleblowers told the Ways & Means committee in a transcribed interview. This is good because many Democrats and many in the liberal media have tried to discredit the whistleblowers prior to the committee hearing that we’re going to have on Wednesday,” Comer said.

Comer said that the whistleblowers were “blocked at every turn” in their attempt to uncover corruption within the IRS. “They were tipped off. The Secret Service tipped off the Bidens as well as the Biden transition team. Why would the Biden transition team need to know that the whistleblowers were about to interview Hunter Biden? So I think this is good stuff and it adds credibility to our whistleblowers.”

“This is quickly coming down to, Laura, who you gonna believe? The Biden Justice Department that said parents were terrorists, who said Catholics were extremists, who censored American’s First Amendment free speech rights or these two whistleblowers who have impeccable records, who got performance reviews always outstanding, who were the go-to guys when it came to international tax fraud cases? These two guys were the go-to team. Who you gonna believe?” Jordan said.

Comer then slammed Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin’s statement that the House Oversight Committee has been “compromised” by working with a “foreign agent.”

“The tactics that we’re using — the House Oversight Committee, is we’re using a thing called evidence. And it’s something that Jamie Raskin has no concept of, and the Democrat liberal media will not consider. We have the Bidens’ bank records. We have bank violations from six different banks that all reported to the treasury cabinet that they felt like the Biden family was laundering money through shell companies. They were concerned about the fact that some of these wires they were getting from foreign nationals were from state-owned entities. That means they’re from the government, from the Chinese communist party,” he said.