76ers’ Joel Embiid Says His Main Goal Is To Win A Championship ‘Whether That’s In Philly Or Anywhere Else’

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Well, that escalated quickly.

If the Philadelphia 76ers aren’t competing for a championship in the near future, Joel Embiid might be done with the whole trusting the process thing.

Entering his eighth season with the Sixers, Embiid won the 2022-23 NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP), with Philadelphia keeping an eye on his next move.

“I just want to win a championship. Whatever it takes,” Embiid said during an interview with Maverick Carter at the Uninterrupted Sports Film Festival. “I don’t know where that’s gonna be, whether it’s in Philly or anywhere else, I just want to have a chance to accomplish that.”

“I want to see what it feels like to win that first one, and then you can think about the next one. It’s not easy, but it takes more than one, two, three guys. You got to have good people around you, and myself, every single day, I work hard to be at that level so I can produce and make it happen. So, every single day, I’m working towards that.”

From winning MVP to talking about “anywhere else” … it’s crazy how fast things can change in the NBA.

And the way I’m seeing it, this has totally gotta be connected to the James Harden situation. What else has him talking like this? (RELATED: REPORT: James Harden Opts In To Current Deal, Will Work With 76ers To Be Traded)

Philly better hope they bring back Harden, or it could soon be bye bye, Joel.