‘Sound Of Freedom’ Brings In Insane $85 Million, And Its Easy To See Why (REVIEW)


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Angel Studio’s latest film “Sound Of Freedom” has brought in a projected $85 million after just two weeks of being in theaters, and after seeing it Saturday, I understand why.

The small Raleigh theater was basically empty when we arrived to see “Sound of Freedom” on Saturday night. There was no advertising for the already-hit film; the walls were adorned with promotional materials for “Barbie,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and other mainstream wannabe blockbusters like “Oppenheimer.” At first, we were worried we were at the wrong place.

No one checked our tickets as we walked into theater No. 14, nor did they check the rest of the auditorium, which was packed to the freaking rafters. Apparently our friends tried eight different theaters before getting the last seats in the third row.

“While the entire summer movie box office lineup is underperforming, our small independent film continues to grow week over week. Driven by millions of fans and supporters, ‘Sound of Freedom’ has become a national—and soon international—movement for change,” SVP of Global Distribution for Angel Studios Jarden Geesey said in a statement shared with Daily Caller.

Geesey is correct. By my estimations, there were more people in the theater to see “Sound of Freedom” than any other movie on Saturday night, and their experience didn’t disappoint.

While “Sound of Freedom” starts clunky, doesn’t have the best editing, and would make even the bravest of people feel sickeningly uncomfortable, it is a genuinely good film and tells one of the most important true stories of humanity right now.

Aside from being well-worth the watch, the message within “Sound of Freedom” is irrefutable: God’s children are not for sale. And you’d have to be a special sort of effed up to think that being against child sex trafficking is a QAnon-adjacent concept. Just look at the border.

In fact, I think you have to have something fundamentally wrong with you to walk away from “Sound of Freedom” and not want to scream its importance from the rooftops. (Even Liberal Critics Are Praising New ‘Conservative Thriller’ About Evil Child Sex Trafficking Rings)

History will remember “Sound of Freedom” in a great light, and it’ll remember all those against it as the disgusting monsters they are. But since this film is dominating the box office, my hope is that the good from this film will overcome the evil being perpetuated by its haters.

Watch the trailer here, and get tickets ASAP: