UFC Fighter Istela Nunes Suffers Nasty Elbow Injury That Will Make Your Jaw Drop To The Floor

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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WARNING: Look away if you’re easily squeamish.

Making her fourth appearance for the promotion, UFC strawweight fighter Istela Nunes fought Saturday night taking on Victoria Dudakova at UFC Vegas 77, but things ended up going horribly wrong for her.

Nearly 30 seconds into the bout, Dudakova attempted to take down Nunes, with the Brazilian brawler falling backward. However, when she hit the mat, she landed awkwardly on her elbow and clearly dislocated it. Nunes immediately started screaming in pain, grabbing her left elbow as the referee was checking on her inside the Octagon.

Outside of the cage, people were seen in pure shock, putting their hands over their heads and the setting being completely silent.


UFC president Dana White later shared an X-ray of Nunes’ arm, with it showing her elbow broken clean.

I feel so bad for Nunes. Like man, that was such a tough injury.

And what really gets you is how she was screaming in pain. For her to yell like that, you’re talking about some of the most agonizing pain ever. I’ve never broken or dislocated my arm, but I can just imagine how an elbow injury like that would’ve felt. (RELATED: People Go Absolutely Nuts In New York City Airport After Repeatedly Delayed Flight To Las Vegas Gets Cancelled)

Best wishes, Istela. Here’s to a speedy recovery.