People Go Absolutely Nuts In New York City Airport After Repeatedly Delayed Flight To Las Vegas Gets Cancelled

Public/Screenshot/TikTok: User — popiis87

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Sprinkle in a little NYC, a little Vegas connection and a repeatedly delayed cancelled flight … and you get gold.

That’s exactly what happened here with JetBlue. People were apparently waiting to catch a flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, to Las Vegas, but for some reason, flights kept getting delayed.

TikTok user popiis87 claimed JetBlue flyers were waiting since 6:00 a.m., and when they got to the last flight of the day from JFK to Vegas, they ended up delaying it on several occasions — just to ultimately cancel it (as well as all other flights to Sin City), and apparently with no explanation at that. As you can imagine, people were absolutely livid.

“10 o’clock! 11 o’clock! 12 o’clock! 1 o’clock! 2 o’clock! What the fuck is this?!” one angry customer screamed. And while somebody else was asking for a supervisor, another individual was screaming something about “motherfucker.”

It was pure content gold, just pure content gold.


@popiis87 Jet Blue cancelled all flights from JFK to Las Vegas with no explanation. #jetblue #jfk #las #customerservicesucks ♬ original sound – popiis87

You know, I originally criticized all of these nuts in airports, and will continue to criticize nuts in airports, but since it keeps happening, I’m gonna go ahead and embrace it, as well — strictly for the entertainment value.

If you know me, you know I look down pretty hard on crazy people, I can’t stand weird and nutty behavior. But man, who knew these same lunatics could create some of the best gold? (RELATED: Yet More Airplane Crazies! All-Out Chaos Explodes During Flight To Vegas After Lesbian Couple Gets Into Argument)

I’m still judging you, crazies. But thank you for this glorious content.