‘He Actually Looked Decently Presidential’: CNN Panelist Bakari Sellers Praises DeSantis Interview Performance


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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CNN panelist and former Democratic state legislator Bakari Sellers praised Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ performance in the candidate’s Tuesday interview with Jake Tapper.

DeSantis sat down for an exclusive interview with Tapper to discuss hot button issues, including Florida’s six-week abortion ban, his foreign policy proposals and the newly released target letter hinting at a possible third indictment for former President Donald Trump.

“I think what we showed today was that, I was happy to see him sit down with — I forget what they call you now; ‘corporate media’? But I was glad to see him sit down outside of his bubble because then it helps him look more electable,” Sellers told Tapper. “It’s one thing to do a Joe Rogan interview or one of the fringes, it’s another thing to sit down with a consummate journalist, and I think today he was able to handle those questions and deal with them. And although I don’t believe in his policies per se, but he actually look decently presidential today.”

Seller also said that, despite the Florida governor’s strong performance, he still believes Democrats view Trump as a greater threat than DeSantis.

During the interview, DeSantis said he was confident in his ability to compete against Trump after campaign finance reports found the DeSantis campaign raised $20 million in the second fundraising quarter, more than all other candidates except Trump. (RELATED: Trump Sucks All The Oxygen Out Of DeSantis’ Big Prime Time Moment) 

Tapper also pressed DeSantis on abortion, citing the six-week ban the governor signed in April, which Trump criticized as “too harsh.” DeSantis did not answer Tapper’s question about whether he would sign a similar federal ban as president.