Georgia Fan Completely Embarrasses Himself In Cringe Fashion After Not Knowing Who The Legendary Aaron Murray Is

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Huh?! How do you call yourself a Georgia fan?

Aaron Murray is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever wear a University of Georgia (UGA) uniform, leading the Bulldogs from 2010-2013. In fact, he’s an outright legend in college football, period, being the all-time leading passer in the SEC.

While under center for UGA, Murray racked up a total of 36 wins and also played in a couple of conference championship games. But it looks like his legacy has already been watered down, as the younger generation of Bulldogs fans have absolutely no idea who he is.

Murray was spotted at what appeared to be a bar while at SEC Media Days in Nashville, and with him on stage were two Georgia fans who had microphones.

Well, one of them — who was wearing the No. 11 Bulldogs jersey that Murray made so popular in Athens — had absolutely no idea who he was as he asked for his name.

“What’s your name, boss?” asked the fan wearing Murray’s No. 11.

“You’re wearing my jersey,” responded Murray.

So cringe!


How on earth do you make this mistake?!

Look, I would understand if you’re not a fan of Georgia or an SEC school and you didn’t know who Aaron Murray was, but there’s no excuse to not know who he is when A. you claim to be a Georgia fan, and B. you’re wearing his friggin’ jersey! (RELATED: Huh? Ex-Tennessee Football Head Coach Jeremy Pruitt Blames George Floyd And Racial Inequality For Violating NCAA Rules)

Oh, man. I couldn’t help but to cringe so hard when I saw that video.