John Amos’ Real Life Family Feud Escalates When Police Arrest His Son For Threatening Sister: REPORT

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Police reportedly arrested K.C. Amos, the son of famous actor John Amos, for allegedly threatening his sister Shannon amid escalating family drama.

Shannon told West Orange New Jersey police her brother allegedly threatened her via text by reminding her of his gang affiliations and sending images of handguns and rifles, according to TMZ. Shannon reportedly claimed he also sent her videos of himself firing a handgun in an open field, alongside the message, “Gonna sleep much better tonight big sis.”

She reportedly told police the series of texts made her fear for her life, which ultimately resulted in K.C.’s arrest.

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Shannon alleged K.C. suffers from bipolar disorder, which has led him to believe she hired someone to kill him, the outlet noted. Shannon reportedly claimed she now fears retaliation, spokesperson for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Robert Florida said.

This recent drama follows earlier familial issues that surfaced in recent weeks. Shannon took to social media with claims her father and former “Good Times” star John Amos was the victim of elder abuse and was at the brink of death. She started a GoFundMe page and posted a message pleading for the public to help her father.

John came forward and declared his daughter was lying and there was no need for a GoFundMe page. His page was taken down when he declined to accept the donations, according to TMZ.

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Shannon claims K.C. no longer has authority over their father’s medical condition and says she sent him a cease and desist letter regarding the comments he has written about her on social media, per TMZ. (RELATED: Famous Actor Calls Out His Daughter For Alleged Elder Abuse)

K.C. has reportedly been posting a series of troubling messages, including one on his TikTok page that reads, “Imagine calling the police #Swatting your own brother 24 times over the last 15 years & not one arrest.”

The situation continues to unfold, and it’s not immediately clear if K.C. has posted bail.