New Details Emerge In Recently Reopened Case Of Tupac Shakur’s Murder

VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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New details have emerged in connection with the 1996 murder of rapper Tupac Shakur, TMZ reports.

The new details surround a police raid on a Las Vegas home Monday, according to the outlet. The homeowner has been identified as Paula Clemons, the wife of former Crip member Keefe D, TMZ reported.

Keefe D has long claimed to be the late Orlando Anderson’s uncle. Anderson is suspected to be the shooter in the legendary rapper’s murder. Shakur allegedly jumped Anderson in Las Vegas one night, and it’s believed Anderson may have murdered the rapper as a form of retaliation, according to TMZ.

Orlando was later murdered in a separate shooting. He had denied any involvement in Tupac’s death, TMZ reported.

The raid on Clemons’ home is noteworthy because police had to demonstrate there was enough probable cause to issue a warrant in connection with a crime that occurred 27 years ago, TMZ reported.

Keefe and Orlando are among several men who were in Vegas at the time Shakur was shot, according to the outlet. Surveillance footage of the evening reportedly showed Shakur, Suge Knight and a number of other Death Row affiliates jump Keefe and Orlando’s crew at the MGM Grand. The word on the street after Shakur’s murder was reportedly that Orlando was responsible for the revenge shooting that took place after a Mike Tyson fight that same night. (RELATED: Tupac Shakur Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame)

Police have not come forward to identify what, if anything, they located as part of the raid on Clemons’ home, TMZ reported.

The story continues to develop.