‘Never Seen The Sun’: Neighbors Find Bloody, Nude Brothers Walking Like ‘Cavemen’ After Escape From Feces-Covered Home

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Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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Two young brothers escaped from their feces-covered house in Wisconsin, where neighbors saw them walking naked like “cavemen” who have “never seen the sun before,” according to CBS 58.

Neighbors reported seeing the two kids walking naked down the street away from their home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on July 14, according to CBS 58.

One of the neighbors, Christine Eder, explained that the brothers acted as if they had never been outside their home.

“They were just walking different. Their hair looked like it had never been brushed, never been cut. They didn’t know the outside existed,” Eder added, according to CBS 58.

Doctors found the brothers’ hair so full of feces that they had to shave their heads, according to CBS 58. (RELATED: Woman Says Neighbors Have Been Pooping In Buckets And Dumping Them In Yard For 3 Years)

A teenage girl reported seeing a “naked person walking on the sidewalk like a ‘caveman,'” describing the brothers as if they had “never seen the sun before,” the local outlet reported.

Police officers described the two brothers’ home as a “terrible hoarding situation” where walls were coated with feces and trash everywhere that they couldn’t see on the floor.

Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Mallory Davis told the boys’ mother, Katie Koch, and stepdad, Joel Manke, the house living conditions were “something out of a horror movie,” according to the Daily Mail.

“These children were essentially confined to their room for much of their lives,” Davis added.

Officers reported that Manke “knew how the children were living was not right, but he had to ‘pick his battles’ with [their mom] Koch to avoid arguments, ” according to CBS 58. Koch also admitted that her kids didn’t receive any education and haven’t been checked by any doctor in years.

Koch is charged with four felony counts and two misdemeanors for child neglect and false imprisonment, while Manke was charged with four felony counts. If convicted, the two would face more than 40 years of jail.

“These children have been horribly damaged from their mother’s actions,” Davis said, according to CBS 58. “They are completely uneducated. They are not potty trained, even at their ages. They are, essentially at this point, unable to function in society.”