Police Raid Related To Tupac Shakur’s Murder Ends In A Face-Off In Las Vegas: Report

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Newly emerged video reportedly shows a SWAT team involved in an intense face-off with two people during the investigation into the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur.

The dramatic footage shared by TMZ shows a SWAT team engaging with two individuals outside a Las Vegas-area home Monday, according to the outlet. A SWAT team member can be heard calling for the people inside to come out with their hands up, but they were seemingly met with resistance from the two individuals. An officer shouted orders through a megaphone, but the individuals seemed uncompliant, according to the video footage.

“Hands up guys, you need to stop right there. Stop right there!” the officer can be heard shouting. “Go ahead and put down your cigarettes please, put down your cigarettes!”

It was later revealed that the officer was speaking to a man and a woman, TMZ reported.

“Put your hands up! You gotta stop moving around!” the officer shouted.

Cameras continued to roll as the police officer repeated his orders to the people that stood just outside of the home.

“Put your hands up. Sir, you — put your phone down, put your phone down, put your hands on top of your head. Hands on top of your head right now!” the SWAT team member shouted, as the situation seemed to escalate.

The officer then began to direct the man about how to come closer to him.

“Sir, now go ahead and turn away from us, turn away from us. You’re gonna walk back to the sound of my voice … keep walking back,” he said before the video ends.

Police had been executing a search warrant at the Las Vegas home as part of their ongoing investigation into the murder of the legendary rapper, but their probable cause for the warrant has not yet been disclosed to the public, according to TMZ. Police reportedly exited the residence with hard drives and photographs, ABC News reported, citing a law enforcement official. (RELATED: Supermodel Arrested For Marijuana Possession While On Vacation)

The residence is reportedly owned by Paula Clemons, the wife of an ex-Crip gang member named Keefe D, according to TMZ. Keefe D has long claimed to be the late Orlando Anderson’s uncle. Anderson is suspected to be the shooter in Tupac’s murder. Shakur allegedly jumped Anderson in Las Vegas one night, and it’s believed Anderson may have murdered the rapper as a form of retaliation, according to TMZ.

Police conducted their search at the home for nearly two hours, the outlet reported.