‘Superstar Pride’ Arrested On Murder Charges


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Officers from The Panola County Sheriff’s Office arrested popular rapper Superstar Pride on first degree murder charges Wednesday afternoon.

Law enforcement officers allege Superstar Pride pulled the trigger in the shooting death of a man, according to TMZ. Police reportedly said they were called to a residence and located a deceased 40-year-old man. It was reportedly determined he died from gunshot wounds, and an investigation immediately followed. The investigation led police straight to Superstar Pride, per TMZ.

The popular rapper, most famous for his hit, “Painting Pictures,” reportedly turned himself in to police hours after the shooting. Deputies said the rapper was booked at the Panola County Detention Center, where he is believed to be at this time, according to TMZ.

The identity of the man who was killed has not been released. It is unclear if the murder victim has any ties to the rap world or the music industry, or what his relationship was to Superstar Pride.

Superstar Pride rose to fame with a viral TikTok video. The song featured in the video reached the Top 25 on the Billboard charts. It’s unclear if he has had any other run-ins with the law, or what led to the alleged murder, according to TMZ.(RELATED: Police Raid Related To Tupac Shakur’s Murder Ends In Face-Off In Las Vegas: REPORT)

Police have not yet declared whether or not he will be released on bail, or what the bond terms will be.

This story continues to develop.