18 Children Kicked Off School Bus, Abandoned By Driver

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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A bus driver in Queensland, Australia reportedly ordered 18 students off a bus July 14, six miles from their destination, the New York Post reported.

The children, who were as young as five-years-old, were found wandering the streets at 2 a.m. One 12-year-old student, Emily, says she believes the driver lost her patience from the children rough-housing in the back. (RELATED: ‘Welcome To Sex’: Backlash To Explicit Australia Children’s Book Forces Store To Take Sales Online)

“A couple of kids were wrestling for a couple of seconds … Then the bus driver pulled over and asked us who it was,” Emily said.

When the children continued wrestling even after the driver asked them not to, he pulled over and got off the bus, demanding the children responsible get off as well.

“She pulled over and got off the bus and would not get back on and then she kicked us all off. I did not really know what to do when the bus driver got off the bus.”

Her seven-year-old sister said, “It was like a long way from home … and I was really scared.”

One mother described the driver’s actions as “unforgivable.”

Translink has confirmed the driver is not employed at Bus Queensland.

“Translink requested delivery partner Bus Queensland investigate this incident after receiving complaints from parents,” the company reportedly said in a statement.