‘What The F*ck?’: Morbidly Obese Shoplifting Suspects Lumber Off In World’s Slowest Getaway Ever

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Sacramento police are actively searching for three women involved in a suspected shoplifting incident that took place July 24 at a local Burlington store after their brazen antics were caught on video and shared on social media.

“Damn, look at these people stealing! Say hi to the camera!” a man filming the plus-sized trio can be heard saying as they slowly make their way to their getaway car. As the three women begin tossing clothing and shoes into the back of a red Dodge Charger, the man filming expressed his shock at the brazen theft, “Look at this shit. What the fuck is this?” the man said. (RELATED: Thief Casually Walks Into Posh San Fran Store And Steals Heap Of Items In Broad Daylight)


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Undeterred, the women continue to pile in clothes and shoes into a heavily packed trunk before slowly lumbering away, allowing the man to capture their license plate and note that they were also illegally parked in a handicapped space.

As the man moved to the right side of the car, another man could be seen in the passenger side seat of the car, attempting to shield his face as one of the women got behind the wheel and drove away.

Police confirmed to the New York Post that no arrests have yet been made in the heist and that the investigation is ongoing.