This Video Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See All Day


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The most adorable video showing a family of deer hiding from the rain in Japan was shared to Twitter on Thursday.

It’s unclear when the video was taken, or exactly where, but the caption suggests this ultra-cute moment took place in the Japanese city of Nara. As the person filming skims across what appears to be a covered walk-way, or some kind of extended shelter (like a bus stop), we found a small herd of deer waiting out the downpour with their human pals.

From what I can count, there are almost 20, if not more little Bambis all cuddled up together, intermingling without trouble with the humans in the shelter. The entire scene is just so wholesome and peaceful that you’d be forgiven for watching it on repeat while your boss yells at you to get back to work (ignore him). (RELATED: WARNING GRAPHIC: Watch  The Moment A Shark Bites Off A Man’s Finger)

Obviously nothing like this would happen in America today, as our bus shelters are filled with the bodies of mentally ill homeless people. Also, people are so stupid and rude they’d probably try to take dangerously-invasive selfies with the deer and end up getting hurt.

It’s probably not great to watch this video more than 100 times because it’ll start to hurt. Animals in America simply won’t do this type of thing because they know how aggressive we are. And if they get too close, rangers from the National Park Service might murder them for no reason, like they did a baby bison in Yellowstone, and then blame someone else for it.