Famous Actress Slams Jamie Spears For Being A ‘Bully’ That Created A ‘Toxic Environment’


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Alexa Nikolas, who played Nicole Bristow on Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101” opposite Jamie Spears, said Spears was a bully that created an unbearably toxic environment.

Nikolas said “she [Jamie] created the culture on the set,” and spoke about how she was treated by Britney Spears’ sister. “I still don’t realize what the conflict was exactly, but she just didn’t seem to really, uh, like me, from- from day one,” Nikolas said on a recent episode of the H3 podcast. Nikolas said in addition to saying hurtful things to her, Spears would also shut her out entirely. “She wouldn’t even respond to me,” she said on the podcast.

Nikolas explained how the unsettling situation began.

“The first day that I met her, you know I went up to her, I remember, and just being super excited and I was a very bubbly young girl, a little talkative,” she said, before comparing her outgoing personality to that of the character she played on the show.

“And she was just very taken aback by my personality I think and just kinda gave me the cold shoulder,” she said.

“And I just thought, you know what, honestly maybe she’s shy also maybe she’s experienced a bunch of people coming up to her for the fact that she was Britney Spears’ sister.

She said she was able to deal with Spears’ attitude at first, but it quickly became intolerable.

“I didn’t really take it personally,” she said. “Then it slowly escalated to where there was no interaction between her and I,” Nikolas said.

“She wouldn’t even sit with us at lunch sometimes.”

“It became bullying where she would just say harsh things, you know to me, like, why do you smile so much? Just kid bully shit,” she said.

Nikolas described getting told off by Britney Spears as well, who came to the defense of her sister before admitting she had no idea what was going on between the girls, and followed up with an apology to Nikolas. (RELATED: Britney Spears Hurls Accusations Of Bullying At Alyssa Milano)

“I got put through the wringer on that show, it was a pretty bad three years,” Nikolas said during the podcast.

“Jamie Lynn Spears just created a very toxic, unhealthy work environment,” she said.