REPORT: LeBron’s I Promise School Is An Utter Disaster With Some Students Not Passing A Test In Years

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Dang, Bron Bron.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James sent himself on a philanthropic mission years ago by claiming that he wanted to change the lives of both at-risk students and their parents in Akron, Ohio — his hometown, the same part of the country that he left heartbroken (twice). But I digress.

Opening in 2018, LeBron‘s I Promise School is a part of Akron Public Schools. But since the time has gone by, it’s now been years since the school’s eighth grade class has passed Ohio’s state math test, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

Per their report, the last time eighth graders passed Ohio’s math test was when they were in third grade. Keith Liechty-Clifford, the director of school improvement for Akron Public Schools, described the students’ test results as “discouraging.”

This is terrible.

Hey, I respect the fact that LeBron James is out here trying to make a change, but how are things so bad to the point where a group of students can’t pass a test in years? And in math at that!

I get it, math can sometimes be tough, but it’s also one of the most crucial elements of our society. (RELATED: ‘Keep My Coaches’ Names Out Of His Mouth’: Aaron Rodgers Goes Full Blaze Of Glory On ‘Insecure’ Sean Payton)

We gotta do better here, Bron Bron. Just having a school won’t do anything for your reputation.

Results! We need results.