Bartender Jokingly Disguises Bud Light As ‘Mystery Lager’ Amid The Beer Brand’s Cratering Sales


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Viral Twitter footage shows a bar jokingly disguising Bud Light in an attempt to increase its crashing sales.

The footage, which has 4.5 million views and made the rounds on social media Monday, shows a bartender unscrewing a Bud Light beer tap handle and replacing it with a handle emblazoned with a question mark. The bartender, who goes by the name “Blanco” on Twitter, suggested patrons have been avoiding the divisive beer brand. Blanco jokingly aimed to deceive them into purchasing the beverage without knowing it. (RELATED: Some Beer Distributers Believe Bud Light Boycott Could Be Permanent, Surveys Say)

“Since none of these weirdo boomers wanna buy bud light anymore this how ima start selling it, I call it our mystery lager,” Blanco tweeted.

The bartender then proceeded to poke fun at conservatives boycotting Anheuser-Busch over their decision to partner with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

“And when they take a sip I’m gonna take a picture of them and say “you’re gay now!!!” Blanco tweeted.

“Kyle rittenhouse just came in the bar and ordered 2 mystery lagers and then hit the nae nae,” Blanco added.

One commenter noted the brand’s decline could not be solely attributed to infuriated Baby Boomers.

“$30 billion dollars in losses isn’t a result of “weirdo boomers”. Only the revulsion of the general public could generate losses that significant,” the Twitter user posted.

Another commenter suggested he refuses to purchase the beer over its quality.

“There are no political reasons as to why I don’t drink Bud Light. There are just better beers lol,” the user noted.

Bud Light has suffered from plummeting sales since sending transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney a personalized can in April. Conservatives subsequently started boycotting the brand, resulting in Bud Light losing its position as the top-selling beer. Some Bud Light distributers have reportedly conceded they do not expect the brand’s sales to ever recover.