Devon Archer Testimony ‘Opened The Door’ To FARA Case Against Joe Biden, Comer Says

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer said Monday on Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” that testimony from Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer “opened the door” to a FARA case against President Joe Biden.

Archer told Congress on Monday that President Joe Biden was involved in more than a dozen calls between Hunter and his associates.

“I think [Archer] answered a lot of questions that needed to be answered. Specifically that Joe Biden did in fact talk to numerous people that his son was receiving wires from while Joe Biden was vice president, and that is something that Joe Biden has consistently lied about,” Comer said. “The Democrats have consistently taken Joe Biden’s position saying he never spoke with anyone Hunter Biden was doing business with, but yet we learned today that over 20 times, in fact, Joe Biden, while he was vice president, spoke with people who were sending the Biden family members these suspicious wires that the banks, nor anyone else in America, know what the purpose of the wires were for.”

Comer then told host Greg Kelly that, according to Archer’s testimony, the Bidens were involved in a foreign peddling influence act and Archer himself has violated FARA regulations. (RELATED: ‘That’s Fraud!’: Andy McCarthy Skewers Latest Media Effort To Downplay Biden Allegations) 

“When you think about what Archer testified today, my question is now, ‘Did Joe Biden [violate] the Foreign Agents Registration Act?'” Comer said. “Because his family was receiving millions and millions of dollars from these foreign nationals. None of these people [Hunter] put his dad on the business phone with are reputable business people. They all are under some type of investigation or on the flee in the countries where they came from.”

Comer also dismissed Democratic New York Rep. Dan Goldman’s claim that even if Joe Biden spoke with his son’s business associates, they only engaged in small talk. “The people that Hunter Biden was putting on speakerphone with his father, sitting Vice President Joe Biden, were some of the worst people on the planet,” he continued. “But yet they were paying the Biden family millions and millions of dollars and [Rep.] Goldman thinks Americans are going to believe ‘Oh, they just talked about the weather.'”

Biden has denied any involvement with his son’s dealings, saying multiple times in 2019 that he had “never discussed” overseas business dealings with Hunter.