Lara Trump Slams New Indictment As Attempt To Prevent Trump From ‘Taking Down The Machine’


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Lara Trump slammed the new indictment against former President Donald Trump on the Tuesday edition of “Jesse Watters Primetime,” arguing it is part of a wider move to keep the former president from regaining the White House.

Lara Trump, daughter-in-law to Donald Trump and former senior advisor on his presidential campaign, argued that the timing of the indictment was suspicious. (RELATED: Donald Trump Indicted For Third Time)

Everyday seems like following a major story that would be very damaging to the Biden family — obviously, very conveniently and shockingly, there is an indictment or something of the sort leveled against my father-in-law,” Lara Trump said.

Lara Trump said that during her time working in the Trump presidential campaign, she and other staffers would receive reports “detailing very questionable, nefarious things” allegedly happening at polling stations. She claimed that there has never been an election that has had more questions than the 2020 election.

She defended her father-in-law, claiming that he “upheld and defended the Constitution of the United States by trying to ensure that we indeed had a free and fair election.”

Lara Trump claimed that the former president has freedom of speech and emphasized that he wanted the Jan. 6 demonstrations to remain peaceful. She argued that the indictments were part of a larger move to keep Donald Trump out of office so he could not spar against the “deep state.”

There’s much more at stake for these people and for the deep state and the swamp in this upcoming election. Because it’s not just about preventing Donald Trump from becoming president, it’s about preventing Donald Trump from exposing and taking down the machine that is the swamp in Washington, D.C. They cannot afford to see that happen,” Lara Trump said. 

Donald Trump was indicted on Tuesday in relation to his alleged attempt to interfere in the 2020 election and alleged involvement in Jan. 6. The announcement marks the third time Trump has been indicted.