Having A Rough Week? Read The Comments On John Legend, Chrissy Teigen’s Home And You’ll Feel Better

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Musician John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, were absolutely destroyed by social media users after Architectural Digest (AD) shared an image of their home.

The post by AD featured Legend, Teigen and their three children (one sitting on their pet dog), in arguably the most bland, uninspiring, and impersonal home you’ll see all year.

“Every house we’ve ever had reflects the moment we were in in our lives, like chapters in a book,” Teigen said. And clearly this book has no words. Perhaps it’s a book of carpet samples?

“We were attracted to this place because of its lightness and airiness. We love how open it feels, and how it’s so connected to the outdoors. We wanted to create something magical, especially for the kids,” Legend added.

But commenters were having none of it.

“As an AD subscriber, I’m tired of seeing soulless celebrity homes in AD, rather than the amazing work and creativity of all the gifted interior designers, decorators, and architects out there. It’s become all about celebrity name-dropping and social agendas. Where have the beautiful houses gone?? I’m not renewing my subscription this year,” was the top comment with hundreds of likes as of Wednesday morning. And it is hard to refute the argument.


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But a lot of the comments were personal, targeting Teigen for her reputation of being a social-climbing bully, amongst other things.

“Why are you featuring a grown woman who once tweeted: “I’m about to Anthony Weiner this kid.” as well as telling someone they wish they’d take a dirt nap? Pass,” said one user. “Why are you featuring and promoting this family? Especially knowing what this woman has said and done? Liberal “celebrities” can’t be cancelled no matter what,” echoed another.

“[Teigen] is a despicable person who has never taken responsibility or apologized personally to the person she told to kill herself. AD used to be such a wonderful publication. Sad.”

Honestly, the list goes on. I couldn’t find one positive comment about Legend or Teigen throughout the post.

The attacks were mostly against AD for featuring Teigen, as well as calling out her past behavior. Clearly her “desire to be liked” isn’t working out. (RELATED: Case Of The Mondays? Justein Trudeau’s New Haircut Will Cheer You Up)

“50% chance Chrissy comes on here and starts bullying everyone in these comments,” one user quipped (and she might not be wrong). “The comments on this are giving me faith in mankind again!” another chimed in.