A Bunch Of Fat Dudes Throw Blows At Each Other While One Guy’s Pants Keep Falling Down


Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Can somebody get this man a belt?

Taking place in a huge jewelry marketplace in the Diamond District of Midtown Manhattan, a bunch of fat dudes threw blows at each other, with one guy’s pants completely falling down — and on two different occasions at that.

The men started brawling it out Monday while inside the World’s Largest Jewelry Exchange in New York City, and at one point in the video, the pants of one man fell down and ended up around his knees. He hilariously picked up his pants at a quick rate like any other fat guy would while the other husky gentlemen were continuing to slug it out.

A woman appeared to get hit during the brawl, which led to a short break before the big dudes started going at it again while they were moving across the business. That’s when the big guy who lost his pants — lost them yet again.

Oh, and some other husky dude also had his shirt off — though nobody knows exactly why.

Though I’m entertained by fight videos, I also can’t help but to look down on people in extreme judgement when they partake in such idiotic behavior. I feel like the idiocy is only intensified when it involves a bunch of fat people.

And don’t get it twisted, I’m a husky guy myself, but I’m also not looking like a complete clown with my pants falling down over and over again. At least my clothes fit. (RELATED: Cat Fight At Luke Combs Show Leads To Guy Throwing Down On Multiple Females To Protect His Woman From Being Jumped)

I’m just sayin’ … society is already crumbling as it is, why do we need to fatten it up too?