Cat Fight At Luke Combs Show Leads To Guy Throwing Down On Multiple Females To Protect His Woman From Being Jumped

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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He did what he had to do for the woman he loves.

Luke Combs performed at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field over the weekend, but the show ended up being delayed for two hours. The crowd got antsy. Tensions rose. The situation reached a boiling point, and a brawl involving several women exploded.

Things got out of control quickly in the Friday night fight, leading to a man punching and shoving multiple females, as he intervened in the catfight that saw three gals trying to jump a woman who appeared to be the man’s wife or girlfriend.

The man was seen on camera punching one woman on the ground, while ruthlessly shoving the other two — providing safety to his woman in the process.


I completely disagree with “Tori Lahren” and all of the nonsensical people who threw crap and booed at him.

Do I support violence against women? Of course not, but I’ll tell you this: If I have three other women trying to jump my wife — the mother of my children — you better believe I’m intervening to protect her. Now don’t get me wrong, I feel like the guy went a little overboard with the punch to the lady (and I use that term loosely) on the ground, but I feel like he was justified with everything else.

To me, he was just protecting his woman. (RELATED: REPORT: Golfer Slammed With Felony Charge After Allegedly Pushing Man Off Bridge At Golf Course)

Of course it’s possible that the guy’s wife was acting like a drunken idiot and started the fight herself, so who knows really? But you get my point. I’m mainly putting myself in that dude’s shoes with my wife being the one getting beat up.

What am I supposed to do? Let her get pummeled while I just watch on the sidelines?

Yeah, screw that.

Just ask the Reddit (via OutKick) users who agree with me:

  • “Guy did what I would if my wife was getting jumped. I will protect her from a pack of dogs or a pack of skanks equally. Also why is the security in retirement age?”
  • “Why is everyone so black and white when it comes to men fighting women? The guy did the right thing by stepping in, but he didn’t have to punch that woman in the face. Those women were skinny and drunk. The pushing was enough to keep that at bay. He went a little too far imo.”
  • “Y’all are funny. My girl could get in a fight and sure I’ll help, but I’m not throwing haymakers in a cat fight.”
  • “I see nothing wrong here his girl was in a fight he stepped in people need to understand were entering an age (entered) were gender doesn’t matter in a fight don’t wanna get clapped don’t get in fights remain civil it ain’t that hard”
  • “If I’m being jumped on my multiple women, then yeah, I expect my bf to attack them too to save me.”
  • “1000% okay with this. If a woman attacks his girlfriend, he’s totally right. It’s not like he continued to beat the s–t out of them after. He got them off his gf and left.”

Don’t touch our wives, don’t touch our girlfriends and don’t act like a drunken idiot. It’s actually quite simple.